Pamper your skin with our alluring range of facials, tailored exclusively for your skin type. Our experienced beauticians will take care of you in our luxury spa rooms to ensure that you feel at home. Our facial treatments are designed to detoxify the skin, control acne, and revive dull and fatigued skin. We use some of Asia’s best products such as BioWhitening, O3+, Shehnaz and more, which gives you long lasting freshness, leaving you feeling revived and invigorated. After your service, we offer a face massage that deeply cleanses your skin, giving your face a healthy glow.

Revive your skin’s natural complexion by opting for a de-tan pack at Bubbles. It is highly effective in lightening your face, giving a brighter look, and making the skin feel soft and supple. Our product is unique – a potent mix of natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, botanical extracts, camphor oil and Vitamin C helps in lightening skin while giving it a natural tone, removing the tan and sun burn caused by harmful UV Rays. The botanical extracts improve skin radiance and gives the skin a beautiful glow, while Vitamin C helps fight impurities in the skin and improves texture of the skin.

Our experienced beauticians are a step above the rest, with their technical expertise in making your skin hair-free and unbelievably smooth, minus the pain! Get rid of that unwanted hair while treating your skin to stay well hydrated. That’s not all, it’s quick, painless, effective, and hygienic. Pick your preferred waxing service by choosing from Regular, Chocolate or Rica waxing, based on your skin type. All our products are safe and gentle for use.